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Benefits of Factory Finishing

“Installation of factory finished lumber is one of the best ways to achieve excellent performance from wood and wood based products used outdoors.”

Historic HomeWorks

“Priming or prefinishing cedar products (all sides, edges and cut ends) before it is installed, can provide extra protection and often prevent adhesion problems and premature finish failure…Prefinishing is recommended in all circumstances.”

Western Wood Products Association

“Back primed wood resists absorbing moisture from the back that can cause the finish to blister and peel. It nearly eliminates cupping and extractive bleed. Some of our first back primed bevel projects still sport their original finish and after nearly seven years still look like new.”

Fine Home Building

Can your painter cover four sides of a board at a rate of 130 feet per minute? OURS CAN!

What are the benefits of Factory Finishing?

  • Your materials are pre-stained in a protected environment under optimum conditions.
  • We use only quality products in our process. California Pre-Stain is a Samuel Cabot and Duckback authorized factory finisher, companies that are recognized by Consumer Report as being #1 for all around quality outdoor stain products.
  • Weather and seasonal delays are virtually eliminated.
  • No lost production time due to subcontractors schedules.
  • No storage hassles at the job site with wood exposed to the elements.
  • Instant curb appeal. After your material is factory finished and delivered to the job site ready to be installed.
  • No job site mess due to overspray, dripping, splattering, scaffolding or clean up of stain or painting materials at the job site. You don’t have to worry about protecting near by landscape, automobiles and other surrounding structures from overspray.
  • Pre-staining is far more environmentally safe than traditional spray applications at the job site. There is a 98% recovery rate when using the flood coat process. With our flood coat process there is no “drift” or overspray released into the environment.

Factory finishing exterior wood products prior to installation is recommended by many experts in the field including research groups, paint companies, and wood products associations. These include the Forest Products Laboratory, the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, California Redwood Association, and the Western Wood Products Association.

Factory finishing is a versatile process that can be used on an extensive range of building materials. These materials are often available in a wide variety of wood species, surface types and wood based composites such as hardboard, plywood and particleboard. Not only is the color selection usually greater than available from other pre-finished wood substrates such as vinyl and aluminum siding, we can also color match and mix custom colors. These substrates and color options give the consumer a broad variety of choices. Most importantly, factory finishing can take advantage of specialized finishes, applied under optimum conditions at the manufacturers recommended spread rates and at a proper moisture content. Not only does this result in tremendous savings with labor and staining costs, it provides you with a more appealing and durable end product.

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